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Lotus Rosery: Sonder City

Lotus Rosery · Red Bull Energy Drink · Center Stage

Lotus Rosery is an Atlanta-based live event series that showcases artists with an eclectic sound of R&B and bloom rap. The event serves as a platform for artist development and provides opportunities for up-and-coming talents in music and visual arts. On July 16th, 2022, Lotus Rosery partnered with Red Bull to host "Sonder City" at The Loft Center Stage. As the co-founder and lead branding and marketing executive for Lotus Rosery, I was responsible for creating promotional materials for the event and ensuring a standout social media presence during the marketing period.

Every event needs a good logo. It's tradition at Lotus Rosery to create a custom logo for every event. The logo usually gives us a theme to create the rest of the branding materials. For Sonder City, I created two versions (Stacked and unstacked) to be more applicable to different scenarios. Created in Adobe Photoshop.

Animated version of the logo. This adds more life to any video material created during the promotion period. Created in After Effects.

This flyer had four variants. two lineup flyers and two informational flyers. Illustrations done by Oni Culbreath and stylized by Tiryk Borrego in Photoshop.

Using the scene created in Unreal Engine 5, I was able to create a set of countdown videos to promote via the sotry feature on social media.

the teaser video is usually the first promotional material to be released online. This 3D environment to logo reveal tells a story and lets our fans know that an event is coming up. Created in Unreal Engine 5 & After Effects.

Individual flyers are a good way to give artists something unique to post on their social media. Customized individual flyers are made for every performer at Lotus Rosery events.

"First Time at Lotus Rosery" was a new concept introduced for this event. a three-slide seamless gallery fit to theme the event with the new artist's face, and some of their music as well. Created in Photoshop and After Effects.

Sizzle Reels to reintroduce artists returning to Lotus Rosery. Created in After Effects.

Lastly, parking and venue maps are standard for larger events. This helps attendees know what to expect when they arrive at the venue. These graphic maps were designed to keep the theme of the event. Created in Photoshop.

Watch the Lotus Rosery: Sonder City Recap now on YouTube. Shot and edited by Angel "HaloHartz" Vivaldo Jr.


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