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Music Innovation Camp (MIC) 2022

NCEG · Amazon Music · ColonyXIII · Amazon Black Employee Network

In Spring 2022, The National Collegiate Entertainers Group (NCEG) collaborated with the Amazon Music/ Black Employee Network and ColonyXIII to curate a fully digital music event that featured students from several local high schools in Atlanta Public Schools. The event, dubbed "Music Innovation Camp (MIC)", took place on Saturday, May 22, 2022, and was livestreamed on Twitch TV. The virtual production included various aspects of the 3D industry, such as 3D modeling, character design, motion capture, environment design, and music production. Students had limited time to curate their songs, create their characters, and motion track them at Georgia State's Creative Media Industries (CMI) building. The event featured speakers from all three teams. As the person in charge of environment/map creation, I used Unreal Engine and Photoshop to create a virtual speakeasy with a stage that allowed NCEG program students to perform using assets from the Epic Games Marketplace.

Demo of the 3D stage.

Performance Video

Aaron "Atlas" Neal of AtEM Speech (YouTube)

Team Photo


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