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Milk & Cookies Fest 2022

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Milk & Cookies Festival is an annual event held in Atlanta that celebrates the simple pleasures of milk and cookies. The festival features a variety of milk and cookie vendors from all around the city, offering a range of unique flavors and textures to indulge in. The event also includes live music, interactive games, and fun activities. As lead branding and graphics, my role in the festival was to create captivating visuals for the stage backdrop and LED screens, in addition to designing posters and flyers to promote the event. I worked closely with the festival organizers to create a visual identity that reflected the playful and whimsical nature of the festival.

Event Promotion & Branding

Creating effective promotional assets such as posters, flyers, and digital graphics is crucial in building awareness, generating excitement, and driving attendance for any event. For the Milk & Cookies festival, my focus was to ensure a continuous stream of content suitable for various social media platforms. This included animated flyers, flyers resized to fit other aspect ratios, individual flyers for each performing DJ, a social media countdown, printed stickers for posting around the city, special graphics to acknowledge the event's sponsors, and a visually stunning event teaser to attract online attention.

First I was sent the flyer, created by another designer, and was tasked to make it fit all necessary aspect ratios for social media.

Next, I Animated the flyer by taking all of it's assets into After Effects and creating what I see fit.

These stickers were used to promote the event. They were posted throughout downtown Atlanta.

NFT Styled Lineup video used to promote on social media. Created in Blender + After Effects.

Footage of the motion graphics on the LED wall during Milk & Cookies Fest 2022 at Believe Music Hall in Atlanta.

LED Motion / Stage Graphics

Motion graphics to be displayed on the LED Wall at the event.


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