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Lotus Rosery: Land of the Lotus Eaters

Lotus Rosery · SALT Creative House · Wisenation Media

Lotus Rosery is a live event series in Atlanta that focuses on showcasing artists with a notable sound of eclectic R&B and bloom rap. The event acts as a platform for artist development and provides opportunities for upcoming talents in music and visual arts. The virtual music event "Land of the Lotus Eaters" premiered to YouTube on May 1st, 2021. As the co-founder and lead branding & marketing, I was responsible for creating promotional materials and editing the final production. This included a VFX intro, lower third motion graphics, color grading, and title screens.

Every event needs a good logo. It's tradition at Lotus Rosery to create a custom logo for every event. The logo usually gives us a theme to create the rest of the branding materials. Created in Adobe Illustrator.

The first promotional material uploaded to social media is our teaser. At Lotus Rosery we like to go all out on these, a VFX short leading to a logo reveal and date. This lets our fans know there's a show coming up. Created with Adobe After Effects.

Lineup flyer. Creative direction by Oni Culbreath. Styled by Tiryk Borrego with Photoshop.

Individual flyers are then created and animated for every performing artist on the show. This helps boost engagement across all of the talent's social medias as well as giving them something unique to them to post.

The final piece of promotional material was the lineup video or better known as a video flyer. This details the event and performers with a more visual feel. The assets from this video are also used to create the intro for the virtual production as well.

To make things more engaging during the premiere, we included these lower thirds for every artists set to inform the viewers on who was performing, the song playing, about tab and more. Created in Photoshop and animated in After Effects.

Watch "Land of the Lotus Eaters" now on YouTube!

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