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The Jumpoff St. Patty's Day 2023

The Jumpoff Series · Jack Daniel's Whiskey · District Atlanta

The Jumpoff Series is an Afrocentric DJ and dance event series that originated in Atlanta and has since expanded to become a national event, taking place in New York, Washington DC, and Miami as well. The series aims to bring people together to create a fun, high-energy, and carefree environment. On March 18th, 2023, The Jumpoff Series hosted their St. Patty's Day mixer at District Atlanta, a venue known for its high-quality LED wall and other concert equipment. My responsibility was to create a set of eye-grabbing visuals for each of the DJs, to be displayed on the venue's LED wall and to help engage the audience at the event. The graphics were created in Adobe After Effects.


DJ Visuals to be displayed on LED wall.

Engagement and Brand Visuals.

Footage of the visuals on the LED Wall at District Atlanta.

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